Natural Fertility

Today, 1 in 6 couples will be affected by infertility and the numbers are not going down.

Scary, right?

Of course, some causes of infertility must be dealt with through doctors because surgeries might be needed, but other causes for infertility can be dealt with through lifestyle changes. That’s where Holistic Womanhood comes in.

A healthy lifestyle will help a lot when it comes to “fixing” infertility issues. Many couples don’t realize that the way we live affects our chances of becoming pregnant and carrying a healthy pregnancy. Future parents- mom AND dad –  can improve their fertility by improving their diet and lessening their exposures to toxins found in foods, cosmetics, and daily life. Remember, we are all different and react differently to the elements.

The goal here is also not to only become pregnant.  It is in our best interest to be our healthiest, mentally, physically and emotionally, before planning on starting a family.

My approach is entirely holistic- I will not prescribe any medication and I will not target only one issue. Working with me, I will want to know about all aspects of your life that may be factors of infertility. We will work using a holistic approach to make sure the sperm quality is great, and the eggs are healthy and that the environment is optimal for a good development of the fetus.

We will cover pre-pregnancy nutrition, a gentle pre-pregnancy detox, stress management, as well as go over other factors that can potentially influence fertility and pregnancy. Ideally, it’s best to start preparing ourselves for this process 6 months prior to conception, and to have both the father and mother to work with. We will go over nutrition, exercises, stress management, herbal supplements and other proven techniques that are proven to increase pregnancy outcome. I will bring support where it’s needed.