"I believe a healthy diet is what babies are made of"

Hi, I am Belinda, a certified fertility counselor that will stop at nothing to help you get the results you need. That’s because only my services will provide all the care you need so that you flourish into the mum you always meant to be. I’m here, to guide you in taking charge of your fertility, while honoring your diverse background and the difficulties you have gone through.

My story

It’s not until I became a mother that I realized that I was meant to help women, especially women whose voices were not heard nor taken into consideration. I realized the inequalities mothers and women in general had to endure, that thankfully I was not a victim of but I just couldn’t keep silent knowing what I knew. I enrolled first to become a childbirth educator because then I felt it was my duty to inform expecting mothers on how to deliver healthy babies.

As time went on, the questions coming to me were “how do I get pregnant? Doctors say everything is fine but I’m still not pregnant.” Such questions were coming from women from different backgrounds but all they had in common was the need of help with modern lifestyle and diet. I started learning about holistic lifestyle during my pregnancy and was aware of the power of healthy diet and lifestyle but I didn’t know it in depth. Since the question kept coming back, I decided to take it as a sign, to listen and look for accredited schools were I could learn how to coach couples dealing with fertility issues. I found a school, I enrolled for fertility counselling and later I became a women health counselor then a children health counselor. I own 3 certifications. I speak English and French. The passion I have for healthy babies and pregnancies pushed me to read close to hundreds of books on the topics (no exaggeration) plus attending webinars and live lectures. Every time a client gets the results she dreamed of, I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose in this life.


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