Our little girl Zoey is here – healthy, happy and beautiful. She has given us the most joy we could ever imagine. As new parents, we could not imagine life without her. Thank you Belinda, for giving us the best gift anyone could give. We are testament that even after 18 years of trying, 7 miscarriages and 2 failed treatments, years of self-loathing, guilt and depression, a healthy pregnancy and baby is possible. What you have dedicated your life to, works and we couldn’t be happier. R.M.


For the past 3 years my health took a downturn, I was estrogen dominant, borderline diabetic and my hashimotos was back. I knew something needed to change or I could risk serious physical and mental consequences. Then I found Belinda. Her first phone consultation was life changing. She took my health goals and guided me to who I am today. She encouraged me and recommended just the right diet changes and supplements I needed. It was a great way for me to hold myself accountable. It was something that I could easily stick to. One year later I am still applying everything that Belinda has taught me. I am no longer estrogen dominant or borderline diabetic. My hashimotos is almost back in remission. On top of all that I am a happier person. Lauren P.


Holistic Womanhood on IG is a wealth of information. Yet, the true change in my health happened when I decided to reach out to Belinda to get help regarding my PCOS and Hashimotos. Booking a consultation is easy, very professional and reassuring that I am in good hands. She gave great advice and guidelines that would help me with my hormones and thyroid. As well as how to live a healthy, non toxic lifestyle for not only myself but my family too. She is fully invested in her client’s wellbeing & she makes sure they aren’t lost or overwhelmed. I have implemented her recommendations and I have seen that there is hope for a better health. Highly recommend her. Tehreem S.


So so thankful! Working with Belinda confirmed my suspicions on the effects of certain types of food on my child’s stool and unexpectedly also his dry skin! Throughout the process I felt supported and motivated to carry on in this new direction! As a parent you wish to give your children the best on all aspects of life, I feel so much better for being able to support them and their future with healthier food options. I can’t recommend her enough as a mentor! Karima


Before working with Belinda I really suffered! Endometriosis was taking over my life. Cannot say enough about how much she’s benefited me. Her support has been invaluable and changed my life for the better. She helped me prepare my body for pregnancy and was there when I struggled to conceive…she showed me the importance of nutrition and a healthier lifestyle instead of relying on conventional medical approaches to infertility. Most importantly when I finally conceived…she guided me every step of the way how to prepare for the birth and postpartum. She walked me through the difficult days waiting for my milk to come in and assured me that my body what doing exactly what it needed to do. Belinda is gem and I feel very blessed to know her!!! Every woman needs to have someone like her in their life. MG, a happy mum


I am a father of a 3-year-old princess, I started following Belinda as she shares such valuable information for both the girls in my life. To be honest I have learned a lot from her, and whenever I had any doubts, she helped me out. People often don’t realize that healthy life starts from healthy guts. Her advice on diets and supplements has definitely helped my daughter who was having constant constipation. Belinda is like a light that guided me in today’s overwhelming choices beneficial for our health. Thank you Fahran S.


Adopting a healthier lifestyle can be so overwhelming, especially when you want to make essential changes for your ever growing and learning little ones. Working with Belinda is so encouraging, she gave me the confidence to make some radical changes I wouldn’t have made on my own. She taught me about alternatives available to common meals, snacks and drinks. She helped me transformed my kids’ overall diet in to a more nutritious one and gave me insight on where and how to supplement. My kids responded so much better to the new way of eating then I expected! I wish I would have worked with her years ago! Thank you, Belinda! K.


Belinda give me the tools to take my healthy into my own hands. What I like best working with her is that her advice always has a reference to back up her recommendations. The most important lesson I learned from her was the importance of self care and meal planning. With 3 young children I found myself completely ignoring my basic needs. No sleeping. Convenience eating or skipping meals. No exercise. If I can’t take care of myself and keep myself happy and healthy how could I be a good example for my children? Now, I feel like anew person. I am 35lbs lighter and my body mass index is in a healthy range. No longer considered overweight. My kids and husband have noticed a huge change this last year. Thank you Belinda for helping gain back my health and giving me to tools to keep it up a year later! L. P.


Belinda was a saviour, when I was ready to give up! She has helped me through a rollercoaster of emotions while living with Hashimotos. I received resources and a step by step guide for a cleaner lifestyle. Her support is like no other can provide. She has been my sister when I truly needed one. Thank you for supporting me and getting my husband’s attention to how such changes can improve our fertility journey. Looking forward to when I will share the baby news and having you to rush over and be by my side like the sister you truly have become. God bless! Ayesha & Nabil


Belinda shares information you don’t see or hear on mainstream social media, but your life will change only if you’re willing to do the work. I am forever grateful for her help and her commitment to our community. Black and Brown parents that want to be healthy and raise healthy children, now have someone they can trust with their health because Belinda genuinely cares. Thank you again! Keyana


I have known Belinda for the last couple of years, and I can honestly say she has helped me from day one. She is genuinely invested in wanted to see others live healthier lives. Belinda does not sugar coat the truth, which is a rare commodity on social media. After many years of absorbing the free knowledge she dripped feed me, I finally hired her to help me with my daughter gut health. She coached me, reassured me, and empowered me with the knowledge I needed to improve my whole family heal from ailments we always accepted as part of life. We are now on a path of healing, and we finally know what getting closer to thriving feels rather than just surviving. All this would not have been possible if Belinda was not there to hold my hand and urge me to want more for my life. I am so grateful for her and her services. Do not hesitate to hire her because your life will change for the better R.R


My daughter has had eczema since she was 2 months old. Going to pediatrician for this was not only disappointing as they said they don’t know the cause of it but also shocking on how easily they recommended me to give her steroids as a treatment to her flare ups. That was unacceptable to me. Then luckily (God willing), I crossed paths with Belinda. She was a savior, a rescuer! She not only understood the problem but also knew the root cause of the problem. She recommended me all holistic alternatives available and how I could heal the disease through dietary changes. She was extremely sweet during the consultation call and I loved how open she was to any questions that I had. Belinda is a gem! She is one of the few people who I trust for my and my family’s health. She not only recommends but she has evidence to back it with. She openly shares her knowledge that very few people do. I have learnt a lot from her directly and through her posts on Instagram. Please keep doing the amazing work that you’re doing. A.H


I decided to work with Belinda after getting nowhere with my children’s healthcare provider. I had been following her for quite some time now and have benefited immensely from the information she shares on her account. If her free resources were that great, I knew her paid work would be amazing! We’ve been following the protocol she set for my kids and I’ve seen so much improvement in such a short amount of time. Initially I thought the work would be difficult because trusted professionals led me to believe it was impossible to fix but it wasn’t. Things that our pediatrician stated as ‘normal’ were actually symptoms of a larger issue. Things that we were told she’d have to live with or there are no answers, started decreasing or going away! I highly recommend Belinda’s services as she’s very thorough and supportive. She makes the entire process smooth and answers any questions. Truly grateful for the assistance we’ve received. R.S.